Hulkenberg: 'Quality half of F1 drivers isn't what it used to be'

23-10-2021 17:42 | Updated: 24-10-2021 00:18
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Hulkenberg: 'Quality half of F1 drivers isn't what it used to be'

Next year Nico Hulkenberg might be competing in IndyCar. The Formula 1 chapter is now pretty much closed for the German, which he looks back on with mixed feelings. Especially when it comes to the current list of drivers.

In 2020 it seemed that there were still chances for Nico Hulkenberg to return to Formula 1. And not just any team, there were rumours that he might join Red Bull Racing alongside Max Verstappen. The team however chose Sergio Perez and with that the Formula 1 chapter seems to be closed for good for the German.

During this time Hulkenberg has clearly shown that he is talented, including his rock-solid substitutions for Racing Point last year, but of course he is also known for never being able to score a podium in F1. Hulkenberg doesn't think he can return to the sport anymore, as he said in an interview with .

"I have to be realistic, that train has probably left the station. Especially given the situation today. It is what it is. As a driver you are of course part of the decision-making process, but the teams ultimately make the decision. And some teams have a questionable taste or decision-making," the German explained.

Doubts for half of F1 drivers

Although Hulkenberg doesn't think his chances of winning an F1 seat are very good, he doesn't think it's because of his talent. The driver has his doubts about some of the drivers currently racing in Formula 1.

"It's an interesting situation in F1 at the moment. I feel like the top 10 drivers, maybe top 12, are of a very high quality and are really rock solid drivers. And then you have the bottom half. The quality of that is not as high as it used to be. And of course there are other factors as well. From my point of view that's quite unfortunate and disappointing to see, but that's the way it goes," Hulkenberg concluded.

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