Verstappen tells media rightly: 'It's not my world'

21-10-2021 13:34 | Updated: 21-10-2021 16:34
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Verstappen tells media rightly: 'It's not my world'

Max Verstappen is in an exciting championship battle with Lewis Hamilton, but it doesn't mean that the Dutchman is going to behave any differently. The Dutchman wants to see his life in Formula 1 in perspective, he says in an interview with AP News.

Every week the media frequently write about the battle between the Brit and the Dutchman. Both in front of and behind the scenes Mercedes and Red Bull Racing are having a tough fight with each other. Verstappen, however, does not want to get involved in that. "I’m just a normal guy and I grew up in a small town," the driver explained. "All these things, the drama, it’s just not for me. It’s not my world."

Verstappen learned a lot from his father as a child

The frontrunner in the world championship is lucky to have Jos Verstappen as a father. In the past, he learned from his father how to deal with the pressure in motorsport, so that he can get the most out of his qualities.

"He knew what it took to be a Formula 1 driver and he always prepared me from a very young age to be ready for it. I think in our family we are very focused on what we do and I grew up like that, but that also takes a bit of the stress away and makes it very straightforward."

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