The less time you have on the track, the more unpredictable the weekend is'.

19-10-2021 06:28 | Updated: 19-10-2021 09:00
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The less time you have on the track, the more unpredictable the weekend is'.

Formula 1 has already had two tests with F1 sprint qualifying in 2021. Stefano Domenicali wants to wait for the final test in Brazil, but the CEO of Formula 1 is very enthusiastic about the new format.

F1 sprint qualification

F1's management is looking for a way to make the race weekend more attractive. The three practice sessions give the teams a lot of time to optimise their setup for the race weekend and also provide little excitement. With qualifying already on Friday and the sprint qualifying on Saturday the weekend is much more interesting for organisers.

''We are pleased with the learnings from the first two F1 Sprints. What is clear is that it changes the dynamic of the weekend but we want to wait until the last test in Brazil and then prepare the right package for the future,'' said Domenicali in his column for

Race weekend in Formula 1

''The highlight must be the format of the weekend. Starting from Friday, action mode is fully engaged. It’s why the promoters are happy. We have received requests from a lot of promoters to host the Sprint. From a sporting perspective, we have seen that the less time you have to practice, the more unpredictable the action is on track in qualifying and the race. There is some fine tuning we need to do – but we are working through that now.''

Domenicali understands the resistance there is to the new format, but is happy F1 can test something new. ''It’s always easy to be negative and not change but we push to go in this direction because we see the enthusiasm from young generation and the wider interest from those around the world,'' the Italian concludes.

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