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Young McLaren talent: 'IndyCar title and Indy 500 win first, then F1'

Young McLaren talent: 'IndyCar title and Indy 500 win first, then F1'

18-10-2021 20:49 Last update: 18-10-2021 20:49


With Patricio 'Pato' O'Ward, McLaren has a great young talent within the IndyCar team. The 22-year-old Mexican finished third in the championship this season and won races in Texas and Detroit. O'Ward has no lack of ambition either. He wants to win the IndyCar title and the Indy 500 and then move on to Formula 1.

Move up to Formula 1

For now, O'Ward's focus is still on the IndyCar Series, but he's certainly not ruling out a move to the Formula 1. "I'd be lying if I said that's not the case," he explains in an interview with Motorsport.com. "Every kid grows up with the same dream, and that dream is always Formula One. And if they say they dream of something else then that's a lie."

The first goal, however, is to become an IndyCar champion. "I want to give this team the title they deserve. I also want to bring them a win in the Indy 500. And in the future, if it's something that fits, of course I'd love to grab a Formula One seat. Because it's Formula 1, man! It's the top of the top in terms of technology, and it's the fastest race cars in the world."

Winning it all with McLaren

Should O'Ward make the switch to Formula One, he would prefer to do so with McLaren as well. "That would really complete our relationship. That is, in a perfect world, my plan. I want to win everything with McLaren." In the autumn, the Mexican will already have a taste of Formula One. O'Ward and McLaren boss Zak Brown had a bet that if O'Ward won an IndyCar race, he would get to do an F1 test. Brown kept his word and invited O'Ward to the post-season test in Abu Dhabi.

O'Ward is at least keeping his options open for the future. "Maybe I'll stay in IndyCars for the rest of my career? Or maybe in a few years I'll race in Formula 1? That wouldn't be just to experience it. If I make the switch, I'll do it to win. Just like I've said about IndyCars from year one. I'm too competitive to just compete. No, I want to be one of the top guys in everything I do. That's in my nature, just like it's in the team's nature."

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