Wolff on title race: 'Mercedes has nothing left to prove'

18-10-2021 15:52 | Updated: 18-10-2021 19:47
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Wolff on title race: 'Mercedes has nothing left to prove'

For the first time since 2013, the title fight is not being fought out internally at Mercedes but between different teams. Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing are finally able to really challenge Mercedes this season and the Dutchman is even leading the championship.

Mercedes as reference point

In the past seven seasons Mercedes has been world champion in both the drivers' and constructors' field. Although the German manufacturer is also on top in the constructors' standings this season, the differences are significantly smaller than in other years. In the drivers' championship, Red Bull and Verstappen even lead the field with six points difference.

The fact that Mercedes has been unbeaten for so many years works in the team's favour, according to team boss Toto Wolff. "For seven seasons we have been the reference point for everyone," said Wolff at FormulaPassion.it. "This year has brought us a much more difficult challenge, but we enjoy the battle. Not only that, we find it easy to fight."

Nothing left to prove

Wolff is therefore looking forward to the denouement of the season with great pleasure. "I'm really looking forward to the next races, I don't think they can be difficult or that we will be hurting. Things will go as they should, we will have fun. It's Formula 1, it's sport. We are not talking about politics."

And with seven titles in seven seasons, Mercedes can have little to complain about. "We have nothing left to prove after seven years. We have set many records and we want to add new ones, because we are ambitious and we hate to lose, but we should not forget to enjoy the show. This is the best track in the world."

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