Norris on mental issues: "I don't just say it because I want to tell you"

17-10-2021 15:50 | Updated: 17-10-2021 16:29
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Norris on mental issues: I don't just say it because I want to tell you

Lando Norris spoke out some time ago about the difficult first year in Formula 1 that he had. The Brit struggled with mental problems and hopes by being honest about this in the press, that he can help other people with the same kind of problems.

Difficult period for Norris

Norris entered Formula 1 at a very young age and said that he found it difficult to cope with the pressure at such a young age. After two and a half seasons in Formula 1, the 21-year-old driver is doing much better and can say that he is enjoying racing again.

Norris spoke to ITV's This Morning about why he feels so much better: "I guess I am now much better than when I was two years ago. And this makes me enjoy everything a lot more. You can enjoy life a lot more as well. You're not always worrying and thinking and panicking, and so on. So just the way you feel is so much better."

The Young Brit explained that he has had a lot of support from people around him, who constantly kept telling him how well he is doing in Formula One. "I think the more you see people say it, the more confidence every person has to get more help. For me, it's helped me a lot. And then I know that I can help also other people. I don't just say it because I want to tell you, I say it because I know other people struggle with it," the McLaren driver let it be known.

Helping other people

Norris wants to take the lessons he has learned from his difficult period and help other people who need it. As a top athlete he is not looking for pity by talking about it openly. "It's because we know we can also help younger people or the people in the world to try and feel better as well," he concluded.

On the track, Norris also seems to be feeling good. He is currently fourth in the drivers' standings and has already scored four podiums in 2021. In Italy, the Brit got the best result of his career so far. He finished second behind teammate Daniel Ricciardo .

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