Vettel already thinking about life after F1: 'For everyone that's a challenge'

17-10-2021 09:37 | Updated: 17-10-2021 09:42
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Vettel already thinking about life after F1: 'For everyone that's a challenge'

Sebastian Vettel is currently in his fifteenth season in Formula 1 and after six years with Red Bull Racing and six years with Ferrari the German has joined Aston Martin this season. With the Silverstone-based team, he managed to get on the podium in Baku in second place, but since then big results have failed to materialise.

It also raises the question of when the 34-year-old German will think it's enough and say goodbye to the sport. In any case, Vettel is not yet thinking about what he will do after his eventual farewell in Formula 1. "If you look at my age, it's clear that I can't race for another ten years. I'm definitely thinking about my future and have plenty of interests," Vettel explained in conversation with

After life as a driver still in F1?

"In general, I'm someone who is amenable to passionate people, even if it's something I'm not really interested in." Still, Vettel does expect to have trouble filling the time after F1. "For every sportsman it's a big challenge to find something after his career. Now it's easy to just go and work for Sky and then you'll spend a few more years in the same place."

A role as an analyst is therefore not on the cards according to Vettel. "I don't see myself doing that right away, but who knows. I like the sporting aspect in the paddock and I don't want to say goodbye to the sport forever. You never know what canhappen," Vettel concluded.

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