Steiner sees chances: 'The team is ready to get points'

16-10-2021 17:13 | Updated: 16-10-2021 23:04
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Steiner sees chances: 'The team is ready to get points'

Although Haas F1's cars are still consistently at the back, team principal Guenther Steiner is thinking about the 2022 season. According to Steiner Haas will be fighting for the points again from next year.

2021 is a difficult season

2021 is a season to forget very quickly for Haas. With two rookie drivers not getting along on track, not a single point has been scored. If the team wants to get points, it will have to hope for extremely high levels of mistakes from the drivers and teams in front of them, otherwise it will be almost impossible for the American team.

In 2022, Steiner believes Haas will be back on top. Mick Schumacher' s qualifying result gave the team a boost in Turkey. The German made it through to Q2. "Mick was very calm, his race engineer did a great job, always staying calm", Steiner said according to

Points coming up for Haas

"Everything was done good, and it shows that you just have to keep on going, working hard, and things will come to us. They all did a good job. Everybody did what they needed to do, the mechanics. Because now we are ready. That's what made me happy, because now we are ready. If we'll get a better car [in 2022] the race team is ready to get some points," the team boss concluded.

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