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Hamilton expresses gratitude: I couldn't have done it alone

Hamilton expresses gratitude: "I couldn't have done it alone"

16-10-2021 12:01 Last update: 13:43


Lewis Hamilton is busy trying to win the world championship against Max Verstappen, but at the same time he likes to use his free time to be an example to the world. Last week, the world champion spent his time with Len, a fan who turned 105 years old.

Hamilton spoke to Len and his son David who are both big fans of the Mercedes driver. Mercedes shared a YouTube video on their channel which shows several snippets of the conversation. In it, Len expresses his admiration for the driver.

"It's amazing that you took the time to talk to us. You entertain us every time you race, we want to thank you. We're British and we're proud to be British and we're proud that you are too. You're not just a champion, just look at the fact that you thank your fans, engineers and team every time."

Hamilton is grateful

The Brit expressed his admiration for the 105-year-old fan and stressed that he is grateful to all the people around him who helped him get into Formula One.

"I couldn't have done it alone. That's why I thank those who have supported me, starting with my family. I have a fantastic group of people behind me now and they are not in the spotlight like I am, so acknowledging how important they are to me is the least I can do."

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