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Hamilton gets into trouble: 'Not typical Lewis'

Hamilton gets into trouble: 'Not typical Lewis'

15-10-2021 11:20 Last update: 13:19


This season, Lewis Hamilton is under pressure in the world championship for the first time in years. With six races to go the Englishman is six points behind Max Verstappen, so he has to work hard to secure his eighth world title. Mark Webber expects an exciting battle.

The Dutchman is having an excellent season at the moment. While Red Bull Racing have been unable to match Mercedes' level of performance in recent seasons, this season they have a car at their disposal that makes winning the world title a possibility. The two drivers have been balancing each other out for the entire season, making for a very close fight.

Hamilton's stress seems to have been present for months, as evidenced by the mistakes he has made this season. "Lewis drove straight on the restart in Baku and arrived in Budapest as the only driver on the grid on intermediates, while everyone else opted for slicks," lists former driver Webber to Channel 4. "If we look at how he made those mistakes, it wasn't typical Lewis."

Top speed of Mercedes in Turkey

Mercedes impressed at the Turkish Grand Prix with its enormous top speed on the circuit. The next few races should show how big an effect it has on performance.

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