Marko hints at Verstappen chassis change: "Good how Max is handling the situation"

14-10-2021 10:31 | Updated: 14-10-2021 11:21
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Marko hints at Verstappen chassis change: Good how Max is handling the situation

Red Bull Racing has some catching up to do with Mercedes, which has made great strides. Especially the top speed of the German team has improved a lot. Helmut Marko wants to do everything possible to close the gap, which could mean a chassis change for Max Verstappen.

"Mercedes was simply too superior in Turkey," Marko explains at Sport1. " In wet conditions Max Verstappen should normally have had no problem beating Bottas, but in Istanbul he had no chance to keep up with him. Especially with empty tanks, they are vastly superior to us."

Possible new chassis for Verstappen

Firstly, the team will have a look at the chassis. "That was not ideal in Istanbul. Max kept complaining about understeer and we just couldn't get rid of that," continues the 78-year-old man from Graz. It can therefore not be excluded that Verstappen will drive with a new chassis in Austin.

This is neither confirmed nor denied by Marko. However, he does praise Verstappen's attitude, who is keeping his cool. "We have to work day and night, we'll keep fighting. It is also positive how relaxed Max is dealing with the current situation. He remains very calm and only points out the disadvantages he has at the moment," said the Red Bull advisor.

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