Masi explains why Perez received no penalty for his fight with Hamilton

12-10-2021 19:57 | Updated: 12-10-2021 20:44
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Masi explains why Perez received no penalty for his fight with Hamilton

Sergio Perez had a great fight with Lewis Hamilton at the Turkish Grand Prix. The two drivers had an exciting battle on track, but in the end Perez managed to hold off the seven-time world champion. There were concerns that Perez's action, when he went wide in the pit lane entrance, would have consequences for the driver. Michael Masi explains why he did nothing wrong.

"I had a look at it, absolutely. But as our regulations state in the notes you only have to keep to the left of the bollard if you're committed to entering pit lane," Masi says on "So nothing in it. It was good, hard racing between the two of them."

What Masi did find remarkable, was that Mercedes and Red Bull both didn't speak up after the moment to ask if their rival was doing anything wrong. "Neither team funnily enough raised the question, neither Mercedes nor Red Bull. Good hard fight, play on.”

Normally, the radio panel lights up quickly

The Mexican revealed over the board radio that he had been pushed off the track by Hamilton. "Copy Checo, great defence", he was told. Apparently Red Bull didn't feel it was necessary to report this to the FIA.

"[Perez’s] team did not relay a word," Masi reveals. "We don't listen to every driver’s radio. And generally the teams are very good that if there's an issue that they want reviewed, as you're all well aware, the radio panel lights up very quickly!”

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