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Verstappen: I am happy with the opponent I am currently racing against

Verstappen: "I am happy with the opponent I am currently racing against"

11-10-2021 16:32 Last update: 20:34

Red Bull Racing drove a special livery during the race weekend in Turkey to honour the partnership with Honda. The engine supplier will be leaving Formula 1 after this season and the intention was to say goodbye at the Japanese Grand Prix, but that was cancelled due to the coronavirus. To ease the pain Honda organized a Q&A on YouTube Honda organised a Q&A on the internet, where Japanese fans could ask questions to Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez.

The current battle for the championship will go down in the history books and might even become legendary. The rivalry between Lewis Hamilton and Verstappen is often compared to legendary battles in the history of the sport.

Verstappen prefers to leave the past as it is

Which Formula One legend would he want to fight for the championship with? "That's a difficult one," replies Verstappen. "There are many great drivers, also from the past, but I'm happy with the situation I'm in now. I also like the fact that other great drivers drove in their own time and drove some great battles."

"So I wouldn't actually change anything, I'm happy with the opponent I'm racing against at the moment," concludes the Dutchman, who is happy to leave history as it is.

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