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'I thought Verstappen was going to slap Hamilton'

'I thought Verstappen was going to slap Hamilton'

05-10-2021 19:35 Last update: 20:09


The clash between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen in Monza is still a hot topic in Formula 1. The two rivals for the world title have been fighting on the edge all season, with two crashes already occurring.

The calmness of Verstappen

Tim Glock, active in Formula 1 between 2004 and 2012 for Toyota and Jordan, gives his opinion on the reaction of Speedweek.com his opinion about Verstappen's reaction after the crash in Monza. He noticed how calm the Dutchman remained. "He didn't interfere with anything after Monza, he's doing his thing. In the past he would have exploded. I expected him to rip open his visor and slap him. He's obviously more distant."

The German driver sees how mature Verstappen handled the situation. "Because he knows he's only hurting himself with that. He has worked on himself, that he understands that he needs to take a breath first and put his head under cold water."

Verstappen may win the title

Glock, currently active in the DTM, sees a Verstappen who is ready to win the world title. "Races like in Sochi can decide the title fight," he points to the overtaking race of the Dutchman who eventually drove from twentieth to second place. "That shows maturity, that he is ready."

For Glock, Verstappen is therefore the favourite for the world title. "Max is ready, even though the pressure is increasing immensely now. I wouldn't begrudge Formula 1 for him to win the title. And for Michael [Schumacher] I would wish it too." Verstappen is currently two points behind Hamilton in the world championship standings.

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