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Norris long at factory after major setback: 'Have evaluated everything'

Norris long at factory after major setback: 'Have evaluated everything'

01-10-2021 06:54 Last update: 11:54


Lando Norris and McLaren have not brushed Sunday's defeat aside lightly. In an interview with Motorsport.com the Brit explains that they have spent three days trying to avoid a mistake like the one in Russia in the future.

Defeat for Norris

Norris seemed to be on his way to victory at the Russian Grand Prix on Sunday, but when the rain came down it still went wrong. Where many drivers opted for the intermediates, Norris remained outside. This cost the Briton dearly, who thus gave away his victory.

''I learned a lot of things of course: about myself, what I could do better next time we're in exactly the same situation, and how can I make better decisions? It's all about how can we communicate better. How can we talk so that the team also gives me more information to be able to make decisions?'' explains Norris.

Long evaluation with McLaren

That McLaren and Norris are taking the matter seriously is evident from the number of days already spent on it. ''We have evaluated everything, the whole race: from the first to the last lap. But of course, more importantly, those last ten laps. What can I do better to help the team and what can the team do better to help me?''

''We spent two days in the simulator and one day going over everything about communication. I can't necessarily say what I learned, but I learned a lot and the team learned a lot. It's not a guarantee, but hopefully we'll do better next time'', concludes the McLaren driver.

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