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Norris won't move over for Verstappen or Hamilton: 'I don't care'

Norris won't move over for Verstappen or Hamilton: 'I don't care'

30-09-2021 12:11 Last update: 13:02


Lando Norris was the object of a late rain shower at the Russian Grand Prix at the Sochi circuit. The normally good-humored Briton was leading proudly with a few laps to go until the race was turned upside down by the weather when the smiles quickly gave way to tears. A wrong strategic choice cost Norris the victory.

Norris won't budge

Some called Norris' decision to continue on slicks stupid, while others enjoyed the fact that the young Briton wanted to keep the reins. Nevertheless, Norris missed out on his first Grand Prix victory. What's more, he also missed out on a podium. With his choice, he did keep the championship battle between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen agonisingly exciting. The two gentlemen managed to finish first and second respectively.

It is a clear sign that McLaren is starting to get involved in the podium battles. This means that Norris also plays a role in the title fight, although he says he doesn't feel that way. Verstappen may be a friend of his, and Hamilton a living legend, but he has no thoughts of showing awe: "Will I step aside when I have Lewis and Max behind me? No, I will never step aside," he tells Motorsport.com.

Fighting to win races

"It doesn't matter if I fight for the title or not, I drive for my team and for myself. I fight to win races, I never leave a place to Max or Lewis or anyone else. I don't care if they need it to win the title." That this position is certainly not made up out of his thumb Norris did show in Russia, as Hamilton came close to the McLaren, but never close enough to actually mount an attack.

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