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Red Bull Racing makes fun of Bottas and Mercedes: Valtteri, it's Max

Red Bull Racing makes fun of Bottas and Mercedes: "Valtteri, it's Max"

29-09-2021 13:18 Last update: 15:23


Both Valtteri Bottas and Max Verstappen had to start from the back of the grid at the Russian Grand Prix due to grid penalties following an engine change. Bottas started in sixteenth place, Verstappen in twentieth. Yet it did not take long before Bottas saw the Dutchman in his mirrors.

"Valtteri, it's Max"

It's the sixth lap of the race when Verstappen successfully overtakes Bottas for the fourteenth spot. However, the Finn didn't seem to be putting much effort into keeping Verstappen behind him. With a video of the overtake in question, Red Bull Racing is now making a bit of a fool of Mercedes. "Valtteri, it's Max", reads the caption, referring to the now infamous on-board radio's "Valtteri, it's James", when the Finn has to let his teammate Lewis Hamilton past once again.

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