Hamilton on Ferrari dream: 'For years fans have been saying 'come to Ferrari''.

28-09-2021 16:52 | Updated: 28-09-2021 17:59
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Hamilton on Ferrari dream: 'For years fans have been saying 'come to Ferrari''.

Lewis Hamilton has been active in Formula 1 for fifteen seasons, yet Mercedes is only his second team. The seven-time world champion made his debut with McLaren in 2007 and switched to Mercedes in 2013, where he is still driving.

Switch to Ferrari

In all those years in Formula 1, Hamilton never drove with another engine than the Mercedes engine. The Briton clearly has a strong bond with the German engine supplier but has also shown his love for Ferrari on several occasions. There were even rumours about a switch to the Italian team, but they never got any further than rumours.

In the Corriere dello Sport Hamilton illustrates his relationship with Italy and Ferrari. "For years, when I came to Monza, I walked next to the fans.... I could hear them saying 'come to Ferrari!' That warmed my heart. It's incredible that in all those years I never drove for Ferrari." Hamilton believes it is a dream for every driver to drive for Ferrari. "It's a goal to achieve, but it's never really been possible. I'll never know exactly why."

Title for Ferrari prevented

Hamilton now seems to have resigned himself to never driving for the Italian team in Formula 1. "I wish them the best and in the near future I will continue to prevent them from winning the world championship". Hamilton does have something else that is comforting. "I have a couple of Ferrari's at home. I can drive those, but not the Ferrari F1."

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