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Norris is comforted: 'He'll only get stronger from this'

Norris is comforted: 'He'll only get stronger from this'

28-09-2021 08:55 Last update: 08:59


It was a heartbreaking moment for Lando Norris at the end of the Russian Grand Prix. Victory was so close. However, according to Andres Seidl, this defeat will only make the Brit stronger.

Norris will be stronger

For McLaren, it almost seemed like a dream. After a 1-2 in Italy, Norris was on his way to a second win in a row for McLaren in Russia, and the first win of his career. However, in the rain, Norris and his team made the wrong decision, causing him to fall way back in the final few laps.

''I think this defeat will only make Lando and the team stronger because these are the moments you learn the most from as a team. It's always easy when everything goes according to plan. A moment like this is a huge disappointment, but it also offers a chance to learn and do better next time as a team, together with Lando,'' said the McLaren team boss at Motorsport.com.

McLaren with both feet on the ground

''It's part of the sport and it's no different than in the lower classes, where these things happen as well. It's a big disappointment, especially because he was so close to something so big, but he's experienced enough - as is the team - to only get stronger from this.''

As such, Seidl doesn't want to spend too much time on the ''what if question,'' and mostly looks at the positive of it all.''Part of this journey is accepting that it's not always just an upward trajectory. It's part of the sport, you just have days like this. However, it is also the chance to remain humble and keep both feet on the ground,'' concludes Seidl.

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