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Suggestion that 'Verstappen now holds the best cards for the world title'

Suggestion that 'Verstappen now holds the best cards for the world title'

27-09-2021 15:12 Last update: 18:50


Max Verstappen drove from 20th to second place in Russia, losing just seven points to Lewis Hamilton in the battle for the world title. The Dutchman was helped by the rain in the final laps, otherwise, he would probably only have finished seventh.

Best cards for world title

An engine change meant Verstappen had to start from the back of the grid in Sochi, but the Red Bull Racing driver was able to work his way up through the field. He was unable to get any further than seventh place, however. The rain in the final stages of the race and his arrival in time for the intermediates meant he was able to gain a further five places. Verstappen has therefore only two points behind his main competitor after Russia.

In the NOS Formula 1 podcast Verstappen's chances of winning the world title are discussed. F1 journalist Louis Dekker knows what it's gonna be. "I don't think I've said it yet this year, but now I feel it's really true. Verstappen now has the best cards for the world title."

Former Formula 1 driver Jan Lammers doesn't feel comfortable with the prediction. "I find it very difficult to say. I still have the idea that Mercedes has a slight advantage with the total package. The question is how any updates will work out in the coming races. Small updates can sometimes make a big difference."

The decisive factor in the battle for the world championship will not necessarily come from Verstappen or Hamilton, according to Lammers. "The jammers are going to be the deciding factor, the drivers who are going to take points away from Verstappen and Hamilton." With this, Lammers points to Ferrari, among others. "Leclerc has driven with updates now for example, Sainz will get them soon too. How strong will Ferrari be? McLaren seems to be continuing the upward trend as well. I think that's where the differences will be. That other winners will suddenly distribute the points. It's not just between Verstappen and Hamilton anymore. That's why it's hard to judge."

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