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Sainz has mixed feelings about P3

Sainz has mixed feelings about P3

26-09-2021 14:55


Carlos Sainz finished third in the Russian Grand Prix. In his first stint, he was leading for most of the race, but after the pit stop he was passed. Thanks to the rain, he was able to make up a few places at the end.

Super start for Sainz

He owed 1st position to a great start, in which he was too fast for two drivers with a Mercedes engine. Both George Russell and Lando Norris had the better of him.

"I got a good launch and that was the priority not to lose position to much to George then I was able to get back behind Lando and do a bit of a send into turn 2 which worked perfectly and then graining came. We went early onto the hard and we had to do a lot of management. Then the rain came at the worst possible time when my hard tyres were going away and we boxed at exactly the right time and we managed to get back into P3."

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