Hamilton forgives Verstappen: 'Incidents are sometimes part of this sport'

25-09-2021 10:38 | Updated: 25-09-2021 11:31
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Hamilton forgives Verstappen: 'Incidents are sometimes part of this sport'

Lewis Hamilton is enjoying the fight he is having with Max Verstappen this season. Although the British driver has faced many competitors in recent years, he feels that the battle with Verstappen is again of a different caliber.

The seven-time World Champion is only five points behind in the World Championship so far, so the end of the season looks to be very exciting. Hamilton, however, is not letting himself off the hook. "I've always had a competitor who wanted to beat me. I've been driving up front for a long time, even before my Formula One days," he told The Telegraph.

Hamilton is impressed with Verstappen's qualities. "Max never gives up, but I don't either. I have raced against many drivers with the same attitude. Some are smarter than others. A season is a marathon, not a sprint. But it's nice for the public to see new characters emerging. Incidents are sometimes part of this sport, I think we both easily put the knob back on. As long as we stay healthy."

Verstappen starts at the back of the grid at Russia GP

Red Bull Racing decided to change Verstappen's engine this weekend in Russia. It means the Dutchman will start at the back of the grid for Sunday afternoon's race. Hamilton is the favourite to take pole position.

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