Honda prioritizes Verstappen: "First Verstappen, then Perez and then Gasly"

24-09-2021 20:58 | Updated: 24-09-2021 22:16
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Honda prioritizes Verstappen: First Verstappen, then Perez and then Gasly

It was recently announced that the engine of Max Verstappen has received a 'secret' update in Belgium. It concerns a new Energy Store, which would be lighter and more efficient than its predecessor. Toyoharu Tanabe, technical director at Honda Racing, explains that the update was released considerably earlier than the engine supplier had planned.

The goal was 2022, but at Honda, they saw the need to bring the update forward. "Battery development takes a lot of time, " the Japanese explained. "But we already had a lot of know-how in that area through our mass production vehicles. We worked hard to release this update earlier than intended."

Battery update brought forward by Honda

"We want to do everything we can in the midst of this tough fight, and with that in mind we have accelerated the plan," he continued. According to Tanabe, the new Energy Store significantly narrows the gap with the competition. "Last year, the electrical part was a weak point. I think the difference has been reduced by making the part more efficient and lighter."

Where is the improvement most noticeable? "I think the performance in both the race and qualifying is more efficient and effective," says Tanabe, who also points out that Max Verstappen will be prioritised for the new part. "First Verstappen, then Sergio Perez and then Pierre Gasly," Tanabe said.

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