Horner wants Volkswagen to come to F1: 'Formula E not attractive'

22-09-2021 19:53 | Updated: 22-09-2021 22:05
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Horner wants Volkswagen to come to F1: 'Formula E not attractive'

Formula 1's new engine regulations come into effect in 2025 and that might be the moment for new engine manufacturers to enter Formula 1. Porsche and Audi from the Volkswagen Group are said to be interested, something that Red Bull Racing team boss Christian Horner only welcomes.

Formula 1 is spectacle

Representatives of Audi and Porsche already took part in meetings about the new engines, so the interest seems to be serious. The manufacturers would like to have sustainable fuels and four-cylinder engines. It is not yet clear what the new engines will look like. In any case, the engines will be partly electric.

According to Horner, it is important that Formula 1 does not lose the flashy essence that characterized it with the introduction of the new engines. "Whatever engine we get, it has to sound good and entertain, because Formula 1 is a spectacle," Horner said in conversation with La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Electric racing not broken through

That a company like the Volkswagen Group is interested in Formula 1, Horner sees as very positive. "It's good that other big companies are interested in participating in the top class. That means Formula 1 is still attractive." Horner sees just the opposite in Formula E, where many parties are leaving the electric racing class. "Electric racing hasn't quite broken through yet."

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