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Steiner predicts better 2022 for Haas: 'Gene was happy with what he saw'

Steiner predicts better 2022 for Haas: 'Gene was happy with what he saw'

22-09-2021 13:24 Last update: 16:05


That the Haas team had little hope of a blistering performance was already clear at the start of the season, when team principal Guenther Steiner repeatedly stated that he saw it as a transitional year, and that with two rookies as drivers there would be little glory to be gained. But what does it look like for 2022?

2022 keeps Haas on its toes

Because in 2022, the cards really will be redistributed with the upcoming rule changes on the doorstep. The 2022 car that should do it for Haas is being developed in Italy, and it's a project that team boss Guenther Steiner is very much looking forward to. " These are the things that keep me and the whole team going - the future," Steiner revealed his thoughts on the current season at F1i.com.

Even Gene Haas, flew over to Italy to see how things are going, "I went there with Gene, he hasn't been to Italy for three years, because of COVID-19 he couldn't come the last few years, so I showed him around and showed him how we've changed, how we've organised ourselves and how Simone is leading the group." In their partnership with Ferrari, Ferrari's head of chassis engineering Simone Resta is also involved in the development of the new Haas car.

Steps forward

In any case, the prospects for the new season sound more hopeful from Steiner's mouth than they did prior to the new season: "I think he [Gene Haas] was happy with what he saw, and he's looking forward to 2022 again like we all are. I think we'll be ready. Where we'll end up, I don't know yet, but for sure we'll make steps forward."

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