Berger knows who he wants to see as champion: 'Would be great'

21-09-2021 11:48 | Updated: 21-09-2021 13:37
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Berger knows who he wants to see as champion: 'Would be great'

The intense battle for the championship between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton is making Formula 1 gain in popularity. The current season has seen many moments between the two rivals that will be etched on the memory of all F1 fans. Gerhard Berger also thinks it is a good thing for Formula 1.

Good for the sport

It seems clear that Hamilton and Verstappen are no longer friends after a number of clashes the pair had on the track. In Monza, another new chapter was added to this. "Everything has been said and for me, it was a racing incident. If you want to say who could have avoided it more, maybe it was Max, and that's why he also got the grid penalty of three places," Berger told

But Berger sees more advantages to the constant clashes between the two than disadvantages: "Much more importantly, this is exactly what Formula 1 needs. This is racing. At last, we have two big boys racing each other, and it's even better that they are from two different teams. Can you imagine what would happen if you had a third driver in a Ferrari who also fought at the front? You would have full grandstands again. This is what Formula 1 has been looking for, for so many years. It's so important for the sport to have things like this."

Hope for Verstappen

The Austrian himself hopes that it will be Verstappen who will come out on top in the title fight: "I think it would be good for the whole sport to have a change. Having said that, it's also great that Lewis Hamilton is still performing as he does after so many years, still has that killer instinct and has had the discipline for so many years. But we've seen Lewis win four championships in a row, and we all know that Max Verstappen is also a superstar by now. So it would be great to see him emerge victorious."

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