Verstappen reveals his training week and diet

21-09-2021 11:24 | Updated: 21-09-2021 13:36
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Verstappen reveals his training week and diet

The life of a Formula 1 driver is not all roses by now. The racers are paid handsomely, but in return, there is a lot of travel, physical pain and a strict diet. Max Verstappen explains in Men's Health Max Verstappen explains what his training regime and diet look like.

Neck strain

"For me, the toughest part of racing physically is the strain on my neck, lower back and the forces you feel when you crash. Neck strength is very important. As drivers we have to be strong, but we can't be too muscular, otherwise, we would be too heavy for the car," said the Dutchman, who faced 51G after his crash at Silverstone. In comparison, a rollercoaster is usually subject to 3G and most untrained people faint at between 4G and 6G.

Training week

Verstappen explains what his training week looks like: "In the season, the training depends on whether we race or not. Let's say if we have a week off from racing, I have Monday as a rest day. Then Tuesday through Thursday I do 1-2 workouts a day, depending on how busy we've been the weeks before, and take Saturday and Sunday off for recovery. We travel a lot and spend a lot of time in the simulator, so I want to train at least three times a week during the season."


The Dutchman also has to stick to a strict diet. "My diet is also carefully managed because body weight is very important in racing, so I always make sure I eat enough because it's such a physically demanding sport. But I'm also careful about what I eat," he explains. "My diet also changes depending on where I race and the weather conditions. In humid weather, for example, I burn as many calories as I do on the track."

No pressure

Despite having a fairly rigid schedule, Verstappen has become a kind of second nature to him: "I've been racing all my life. At the end of the day it's always the same: the lights go on, the lights go off, the start, you try to win the race. It's been like that since I was seven years old. I think the more you do it, the easier you make it for yourself. I don't think too much about pressure. I know that once I'm in the car, I have to perform and do my best, but I also tell myself that I can't do more than my best. So I think that takes a lot of the pressure off."

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