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Marko hits out Mercedes: 'Suddenly Hamilton was injured'

Marko hits out Mercedes: 'Suddenly Hamilton was injured'

15-09-2021 08:47


Helmut Marko is fed up with the theatre show that Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton put on after the Italian Grand Prix. In conversation with Sport24 Auto he makes it clear what he thinks of the competition.

The talk of the day after the Italian Grand Prix was of course the crash between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. After the race, the Mercedes team was very angry about the fact that Verstappen didn't check on Hamilton to see how he was doing. Marko thinks this is just a play of the competition.

Show of Hamilton

"I was most annoyed by our messed-up pit stop. This is the only reason why Hamilton came to the regions of Verstappen. It was a normal racing accident, all the stories around it were pulled by Mercedes," Marko told the Austrian medium.

"Verstappen had already got off when Hamilton tried to get out of the gravel trap with the return. The medical car saw this and drove on. And then a show is pulled off that poor Hamilton is suddenly injured, etc," the Red Bull chief said.

Marko, however, could not care less about the penalty Max received. ''I don't get upset by that, even though it was a racing incident." Marko prefers to focus on the championship, which he believes is far from decided. ''Those five points we are ahead don't mean anything. It will be exciting until the last race," Marko concludes.