International press critical of Verstappen: 'The turn was Hamilton's'.

13-09-2021 07:35
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International press critical of Verstappen: 'The turn was Hamilton's'.

The Monza Grand Prix had an unfortunate end for Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. Both drivers collided on Sunday afternoon during the race, so they could not continue. The international press was critical of the Dutchman.


Spain's Marca points to the advantage Verstappen gained from the accident. "As in Britain, there was no clear culprit, other than the fact that he wouldn't budge an inch. The action was pending the stewards' investigation. Verstappen was the winner of a weekend in which he had the most to lose and leaves with a lead extended to five points."

La Gazzetta dello Sport

In Italy, La Gazzetta dello Sport gives a 10 to Daniel Ricciardo who was the winner on the podium. "Life is a surprise and fate can take a sudden turn. This year, 'Big Smile' was struggling so much at McLaren that he lost his smile. Some doubted his future at the team. Instead, the Italian from Australia struck at Monza with a masterful race from the start. A rediscovered champion."

Auto, Motor und Sport

Auto, Motor und Sport believes the stewards made a clear statement about the incident. "In their reasoning, the stewards stated that Hamilton could have avoided the collision, but Verstappen was so far behind that he should have pulled back. In short, the corner was Hamilton's."


Germany's Bild speaks of how lucky Hamilton was not left with anything from the incident. "Both cars slide off the track, end up in the gravel and are disabled. Madness in Monza! Luckily for Hamilton: the cockpit protection Halo prevents worse. The Red Bull buried the Mercedes underneath."


L'Equipe compares the incident to the race at Silverstone, where Hamilton caused an incident. "It is a sanction equivalent to that imposed on Lewis Hamilton in Britain on the occasion of the previous collision between the two drivers. But as the Englishman's was imposed during the race, it resulted in ten penalty seconds, whereas after the race it is worth three places on the grid."

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