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Hamilton reacts to Verstappen's grid penalty: 'Proud of the stewards'

Hamilton reacts to Verstappen's grid penalty: 'Proud of the stewards'

12-09-2021 18:29 Last update: 19:24

Lewis Hamilton is happy that Max Verstappen was punished by the stewards after the crash in the Italian Grand Prix. The Mercedes driver also states that it is weird that Verstappen did not come to see how he was doing after the crash.

"We are both experienced top drivers. We know you can't do it on the outside. I gave Max plenty of room on the first lap and was also upfront in turn two. It was he who drove into me," said Hamilton. According to F1 Insider, The British driver is 'proud' that the stewards dared to give Verstappen a grid penalty of three places.

"I've never been hit on the head by a car before. This is a shock to me. We have to learn from such scenarios. If you get away with things like that, you keep doing them," the seven-time world champion told the German medium.

Hamilton doesn't understand Verstappen

Hamilton also has little sympathy for the fact that Verstappen walked away immediately after the crash and didn't go and see how Hamilton was doing. "That was weird - actually we always want to make sure the guy we collided with is OK," he said. The 23-year-old Limburger paid no heed to that and walked straight back to the pit lane after the incident.

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