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'There is just enough room but the problem is with those kerbs'

'There is just enough room but the problem is with those kerbs'

12-09-2021 17:17

It's the talk of the town in Formula 1. Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton crashed together again. This time in the Italian Grand Prix and people at the Monza are giving their opinions on who is to blame. The stewards are currently looking at the crash and will make a decision soon. 

Race-winner Daniel Ricciardo believes it was a racing incident. In conversation with Sky Sports, he is shown the footage and gives his opinion. 

"This is 100% not me being diplomatic. I just think that is a racing incident. There is just enough room but the problem with those kerbs are that they bounce the car," Ricciardo said. "When they were more alongside each other. I would say its a racing incident but I don't know what popular opinion is."

Would Ricciardo have backed out?

Ricciardo, who used to be a teammate with Verstappen at Red Bull Racing, had his own battle with the Dutchman at the first chicane this weekend. He explains this. 

"To be honest. You kind of only know when it's too late. I backed out of it yesterday on the start with Max but he was a bit more in front of me. I was risking my wing," he added. 

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