Doornbos on furious Verstappen: "It is a dangerous circuit".

11-09-2021 07:53
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Doornbos on furious Verstappen: It is a dangerous circuit.

Traffic at Monza was again a big problem today. Several drivers complained over the boardradio that other drivers were in the way of their fast laps.

During the broadcast of Formula 1 Café the guys talk about the moment of Max Verstappen. The Dutchman was furious over the board radio when several drivers stopped him on his fast lap. It was a dangerous situation.

"It's a dangerous circuit. It's 5.7 kilometres, of which just seventy per cent is full throttle. Max arrived at three hundred at that second chicane. Ocon, Alonso, they were driving maybe eighty there," Doornbos said.

The drivers must rely on their team

According to Tom Coronel, this problem will always remain at Monza. "You will always have that. Everyone wants to have the ideal slipstream, so they are just waiting. They just wait until the first one goes and only then do they go themselves."

Esteban Ocon and Fernando Alonso drove on Verstappen's racing line, which is just not possible according to Doornbos. "That is of course being on the racing line. When you have such a quiet outlap you have to drive on the inside." Tim Coronel counters: "They just didn't know he was coming, otherwise you go sideways anyway." The drivers actually have to rely on their teams to let them know where the drivers are on the track, as they can't see it for themselves in the mirrors.

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