Binotto on development of 2022 car: 'Working especially hard on the engine'

10-09-2021 15:37 | Updated: 10-09-2021 16:41
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Binotto on development of 2022 car: 'Working especially hard on the engine'

While the current season is still in full swing, teams behind the scenes are of course already working on the cars for 2022. This includes Ferrari, who have made huge strides this year compared to last and want to do the same again next year. 

Team boss Mattia Binotto said during the press conference, quoted by on Twitter, that Ferrari is already quite far with the development of the car. Some parts however require more attention.

"The chassis of the 2022 car has been defined and is already in production. We are still working on the aerodynamics, but above all on the powerplant. We are looking for all the solutions to increase the power of the engine and still guarantee sufficient reliability."

Engine 2022 requires extra time and attention

This will be the case not only at Ferrari, which has made a big step in this area this season compared to 2020 but at all teams. Especially if, like Ferrari, you also want to increase the power output. "We are working hard on the 2022 engine. In particular on the hybrid part, on the materials used and on many other aspects."

In principle, the car doesn't have to be ready until the first tests are done in early 2022, but as we saw for example a few years ago with Williams, it's better to have things in order in time. A flying start to a new period in Formula 1 is a lot easier then.

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