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Horner not happy with interference Wolff: It's slightly unusual

Horner not happy with interference Wolff: "It's slightly unusual"

07-09-2021 09:28 Last update: 10:40


Red Bull Racing team boss Christian Horner believes it is 'quite unusual' for Toto Wolff to interfere with Williams' driver selection. The Mercedes team boss wants Alexander Albon to break his ties with Red Bull if he is to join the team.

Wolff is reportedly trying to block Albon's arrival at Williams as long as he has ties with Red Bull, as this would allow him to pass on information about the engine to the competition. This worries Wolff because Red Bull will be building its own powerplant from 2022 onwards.

Horner not amused by Wolff's interference

The Mercedes team boss's statements shot Horner the wrong way. "It's slightly unusual", Horner said to Motorsport.com about the fact that a major manufacturer like Mercedes influences the driver selection of a customer team.

The Red Bull team boss would prefer to keep Albon within the Red Bull family. He doesn't think it's a good thing that Wolff is influencing Williams to this extent, something Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto also stressed earlier.

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