'After a rainy weekend at Spa we came into a warm bath at Zandvoort'

07-09-2021 08:20 | Updated: 07-09-2021 10:38
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'After a rainy weekend at Spa we came into a warm bath at Zandvoort'

The first Dutch Grand Prix in over thirty years was one to remember. Verstappen recaptured the lead in the championship with a victory in front of a wild home crowd. Verstappen manager Raymond Vermeulen describes the weekend at Zandvoort as a warm bath.

From cold Spa to a warm bath

Vermeulen makes in conversation with Motorsport.com the figurative comparison between the race weekends in Belgium and the Netherlands. The one full of rain, the other a warm bath.

"After the wet weekend at Spa-Francorhcamps, where of course in terms of performance it was all fine, here on Thursday morning we really found ourselves in a warm bath. Only positive people."

Zandvoort is 'next level'

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff already called the Dutch GP at Zandvoort the new benchmark in the field of sports experience. Vermeulen reports that not only Wolff is of this opinion.

"They have done something. I just spoke to some people from the international community and they called it 'next level' what has been done here. For the Netherlands this is the best showcase to the rest of the world.

Vermeulen is proud of the Dutchman's victory and calls his achievement, "Mega". Despite the pressure on Verstappen during his first home race, the driver from Limburg performed flawlessly.

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