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Alonso on turning: 'F1 cars are not made for these corners'

Alonso on turning: 'F1 cars are not made for these corners'

03-09-2021 16:20


The images from Zandvoort travelled the world today and provided some great images. However, these are also images that we are not used to from Formula 1. There is a lot of talk about the famous corners, and not everyone is so positive.

Fernando Alonso says to Motorsport.com that he thinks the current cars in Formula 1 are not suited for these kind of corners.

"I think it will be interesting to see how Formula One cars behave at full speed in these types of corners, of course the cars are not made for these types of corners. That has to do with the bottom of the floor and the front wings. There are things we will learn during practice, let's see."

Faith in Pirelli

It seemed, thanks to these special corners, that Pirelli would come up with special tyres. However, they decided against it and the standard tyres will be used this weekend. Alonso is not worried about this and trusts Pirelli.

"We are not worried about that at the moment because we fully trust the figures and simulations of Pirelli. If they haven't made a special tyre for this weekend, it's because the current tyre is just fine. Without having driven a meter, I trust them completely. Hopefully in the first practice they won't have any problems and tyres with defects, then we can race safely on Saturday and Sunday."

Saturday and Sunday will be a real test of the tyres and the cars. That's when the stakes are really high and the drivers will go flat out. During qualifying and the race we will see how this will work out.

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