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Clarified: George Russell knows his future Formula 1 seat

Clarified: George Russell knows his future Formula 1 seat

02-09-2021 15:01

It has been the talk of the town in Formula 1 for a number of weeks. The future of the second Mercedes seat alongside Lewis Hamilton. Earlier in the year Mercedes confirmed a two-year deal for the seven-time World Champion, but are holding back on a decsion for the second seat. 

Toto Wolff suggested we'd know the outcome at the Belgian Grand Prix, but that came and went. The Mercedes boss said they were waiting to ensure the driver they don't pick has a seat elsewhere in F1. On Wednesday evening, Kimi Raikkonen confirmed he will retire at the end of the season, a seat which could be filled by Bottas if the rumours are true. 

Russell knows

The two drivers in question, and Lewis Hamilton, have remained secretive about the deal. But Russell confirms he knows the outcome in the press conference ahead of the Belgian Grand Prix. 

When asked a question about his future, Russell says: "I have no news to announce" according to motorsport-total.com. According to the same outlet, Tom Clarkson asks again to which Russell confirms he knows who he will be driving for next season. "Then Russell admits that he already knows which team he will drive for in 2022." Russell has previous stated that he knows he will be driving with a Mercedes engine. 

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