Stewart thinks shouting abuse at Hamilton is 'boosting the atmosphere'

02-09-2021 10:05 | Updated: 02-09-2021 11:35
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Stewart thinks shouting abuse at Hamilton is 'boosting the atmosphere'

The possible boos towards Lewis Hamilton at the Dutch Grand Prix is something on the minds of many F1 fans. Since the events at Silverstone, there has been daily speculation about how the Dutch fans at Zandvoort will receive the Brit. Sir Jackie Stewart, however, does not see the problem of boos.

The Briton even told that he encourages it. He thinks Formula 1 might need this and also looks at other sports.

"You're definitely going to get the booing, but that already happens constantly in football. Motorsport is just not used to it yet, but there are more television broadcasts, more communication tools and more internet these days. So there's more passion as well."

Stewart compares boos to applause

The former driver says he thinks the atmosphere will actually improve because of these circumstances. "Booing is sometimes a bit similar to giving applause. I'm not worried about that. I don't think it's bad either. The atmosphere of the race will be increased by it."

From Friday it will become clear how the Dutch fans react during moments when Lewis Hamilton is on track, in the picture or driving in front and doing well.

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