Plenty of room for overtaking at Zandvoort? 'This will definitely help'

01-09-2021 07:54 | Updated: 01-09-2021 08:58
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Plenty of room for overtaking at Zandvoort? 'This will definitely help'

In a preview of the Dutch Grand Prix at the talk show table, former driver Jan Lammers gave his view on the unique characteristics of the circuit in the dunes. According to him, it's the two bowl corners that make the circuit special and will open the road for spectacular overtaking actions on Sunday.

"What is specific now and what makes Zandvoort really unique are, among other things, the bowl curves," Lammers argues in a guest appearance on Dutch evening talk show Op1. The circuit has two of these turns, the eleventh and last of the circuit, which are reminiscent of Indy and Daytona-like circuits.

Lammers believes that the corners will not only provide a spectacle for the fans, but also for the drivers. "When those drivers come, they've already done a thousand laps in the simulator, but what they haven't done or noticed are those height differences. And the experience in those bowl turns is different in the simulator," says Lammers.

Overtaking, right?

Because the corners can be taken at almost full throttle, Lammers sees them as an extension of the straights before or after. According to the former driver, this should make overtaking at Zandvoort easier than in Monaco or Hungary. Lammers: "You can go faster through these corners, and the straights for us start a bit earlier, so you can do more overtaking manoeuvres."

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