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Zandvoort a target: If you want to make a point, you have to look for us

Zandvoort a target: "If you want to make a point, you have to look for us"

27-08-2021 20:22 Last update: 21:59


Zandvoort has had a lot to do since the interest in organizing a Grand Prix in the Netherlands started to grow. Besides all the work that has to be done to get the circuit ready, there was also the situation with the pandemic and there were several lawsuits.

There seems to be, partly due to all this fuss, no certainty until Tuesday whether it will be with or without fans. Circuit director Robert van Overdijk says in BNR's National Car Show podcast that there has been hassle from the start.

"The rollercoaster has been there for a number of years. It started with bringing in the event and then we got into all sorts of discussions. Whether that's the nitrogen crisis or obviously the pandemic. The thing is, and we knew it in advance: if you're looking for a platform to make a point, you should look for us. Because we have a huge reach and everyone is watching this event. For whatever purpose you want to use something, we are a willing subject."

Van Overdijk no longer worries

During the podcast we also talk about the lawsuit that is still pending and that the judge will rule on Tuesday at the latest. Is Zandvoort still worried?

"No, not as far as it goes. The construction is going as it should. We had summary proceedings on Thursday, but in the end it's always a repetition of moves. It's also choosing the platform again. Once again, we have prepared ourselves well and we await the outcome with confidence. We would have preferred to have the result on Thursday, but that is all right. We still have to wait a few days. It is as it is."

So early next week it will become clear whether the summary proceedings will be lost by Zandvoort. If so, there will be no fans at the Dutch Grand Prix this weekend. If they win the summary procedure, Zandvoort will turn orange.

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