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De Vries on F1 rumours: 'Shows that respect for Formula E is growing'

De Vries on F1 rumours: 'Shows that respect for Formula E is growing'

21-08-2021 14:52 Last update: 18:14


Last weekend Nyck de Vries became Formula E world champion. Prior to that, he had been linked with a possible seat at Williams alongside Nicholas Latifi next year. According to the Dutchman, this shows that Formula E is being taken more and more seriously.

De Vries believes rumours of a move to Formula One prove how high the level of Formula E has become. George Russell's move to Mercedes is rumoured to be made official in the coming weeks. This would free up a spot at Williams. The Dutchman thinks that the intensity of Formula E racing is now more appreciated in F1.

“I think it shows the level of the competition, but it also shows that the motorsport world is acknowledging the competitiveness of the championship and really valuing and rating the quality in both teams and drivers", De Vries told The Race.

Commenting on the speculation surrounding his future, de Vries said only that “it’s been great or nice to hear that people talk about it." “But apart from that, I’ll wait and see what happens in the next couple of months and what my future will look like.”

De Vries looks back on the season

“Winning championships is always difficult no matter in which category you’re racing, but Formula E is particularly extremely competitive and very tight. This year, it could really go anywhere and it was quite unpredictable for everyone, so I finally kind of got chosen by fortune to win this and it makes me feel very, very grateful.”

“If you look across the whole season, I think we were the ones who at least led the most of it out of the whole grid, if I’m not mistaken", he said. “If you look at it from that perspective, maybe it was also deserved. But I want to be very modest and humble in saying that, because I’m aware that it could have easily turned out to have a different outcome.”

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