'Red Bull is less sensitve to the psychological war than Mercedes'

12-08-2021 08:29 | Updated: 12-08-2021 11:14
by GPblog.com
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'Red Bull is less sensitve to the psychological war than Mercedes'

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are fighting for the world title this season, and with that the comparison with previous rivalries in Formula 1 is never far away. Gerhard Berger compares the current battle with that of Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost.

Berger was Senna's teammate at McLaren for three years after Prost made the move to Ferrari. Prost and Senna became too big rivals to keep within one team, and that battle is what Berger sees happening again now. ''That's happening now too, at the same level,'' the Austrian said to Speedweek.com.

Verstappen like Senna?

''Actions like the one at Silverstone, with such an average run-off lane could have ended fatally. It is a fight between the drivers, but also between the teams. It's a duel on and off the track every time. These drivers don't give each other an inch. However, I believe that Red Bull is less sensitive to the psychological war than Mercedes.''

That Verstappen has now lost many points in the last two races says little according to Berger. ''There is no point in starting to calculate your points. In this sport you have a good series, or you don't. You just have to deal with that. You'll just have to deal with that'', concludes the DTM chief.

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