Problems for F1 personnel after vaccination in Bahrain

11-08-2021 20:25 | Updated: 11-08-2021 20:43
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Problems for F1 personnel after vaccination in Bahrain

At the beginning of the 2021 season, the vaccination program against the coronavirus had started for many countries. At that time, the Formula One personnel had the chance to get vaccinated against the virus in Bahrain. But now it seems that the staff members have not yet received a QR code to show their vaccination certificate.

In March, both the tests and the first Grand Prix of the season were held in Bahrain at the Bahrain International Circuit. Everyone who worked in the paddock of the circuit was given the opportunity to vaccinate against the virus. Many personnel chose to do so, but still haven't received a QR code which seems to have become more and more important, now that countries are asking this code for entrance at restaurants or events, for example.

This is what the Mexican branch of have reported. The medium spoke to a Bahrain-based person from the paddock: "It is a strange situation. The different national authorities, not only in Italy, have activated an automatic procedure that starts when the first dose is administered."

Countries may start refusing staff

This only applies when administered in the country of origin. The procedure to register a vaccination from another country than one's own country appears to be more difficult than thought.

Fortunately for Formula 1 itself, this does not seem to be a problem yet, as the sport still works within its so-called bubble system. In the second half of the season countries might start asking for the important QR code, which might cause problems for some team members.

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