Why bringing Hamilton in after red flag wasn't so obvious

04-08-2021 20:25 | Updated: 04-08-2021 20:56
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Why bringing Hamilton in after red flag wasn't so obvious

Mercedes' decision not to bring Lewis Hamilton in after the red flag created by Valtteri Bottas before and during the restart was surprising to many people. In the end, it would cost Hamilton a win, but he still finished second.

According to Marc Priestley, however, it is not so easy to make a decision as leader of the field in an uncertain situation without information about your competitors. This he says in a video on his Youtube channel.

"It's a tougher decision to make at that moment when you're driving at the front. Because what could have happened, especially if it was more unclear in terms of weather, and you go into the pits, then everyone behind you is going to do something different. And if things turn out differently, Hamilton makes a pit stop that the drivers behind him are then not going to make and then he falls further back."

Bringing Hamilton in was best option

Priestley also acknowledges this. Indeed, in this instance, bringing Hamilton in seemed to be an obvious decision. And yet, given the uncertainty surrounding possible rain, there is quite a bit of risk with that.

"When you have this track position and you want to take the risk of going into the pits not knowing what everyone behind you is going to do, that's a huge gamble," he said. Having said that, this did look like a clear decision that Mercedes didn't make in the end."

Regardless, Hamilton snatched the championship lead from Verstappen, going into the summer break as the championship leader.

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