'Verstappen went into the corner 1km/h faster, as if Hamilton wasn't there'

30-07-2021 08:54 | Updated: 30-07-2021 09:42
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'Verstappen went into the corner 1km/h faster, as if Hamilton wasn't there'

Yesterday it was announced that Red Bull Racing's appeal in the case of Verstappen against Hamilton was rejected. The evidence of Red Bull was not convincing enough.

After listening to Red Bull's arguments and Mercedes' defence on Thursday afternoon, the FIA concluded that the evidence was not relevant or new. Red Bull even went so far as to use Alexander Albon as evidence. During a film day at Silverstone, they had Albon drive Hamilton's line to prove that the Brit could have driven further on the inside of the corner.

Red Bull also used a comparison of GPS data on Hamilton's overtaking manoeuvre against Charles Leclerc at the Copse corner at the end of the race. Here Hamilton did drive on the inside.

Verstappen drove too fast according to Mercedes

Auto, Motor und Sport now reports that Mercedes brought into play during the meeting with the FIA that Verstappen had entered the corner as if Hamilton was not there. According to Mercedes' GPS data Verstappen entered the Copse-corner 1 km per hour faster than during his best lap in qualifying. This despite 100 kg of fuel in the car and the harder tires, which should make the car slower.

With the verdict of the FIA there seems to be an end to the fuss around the incident. The teams will now have to focus on the weekend in Hungary.

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