Verstappen appreciates Red Bull: 'Confirms that I'm with the right team'

29-07-2021 18:54 | Updated: 29-07-2021 20:32
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Verstappen appreciates Red Bull: 'Confirms that I'm with the right team'

Max Verstappen will be back in his car this weekend for the first time since his crash at Silverstone. The Dutchman had to go to hospital for tests after his crash in England, but was discharged the same evening.

Verstappen is, he told selected media including, ready to get back in the car and fight for wins. "I even did a 24-hour sim race last weekend, so I've been doing a lot again. In terms of steering and braking it's the same and the lap times were still good."

Verstappen won't let anyone drive his car

According to the Dutchman, there was no way that he would not race. He felt, he says himself, so good the day after the crash that he probably would have crawled back behind the wheel immediately. If the crash had been on Saturday, we would have seen Verstappen back in the car on Sunday during the race, according to himself.

"If I had to drive the day after, I would have got in anyway. I will never let anyone else race in my car. Even if I had secretly had a break-up, I wouldn't admit it."

Verstappen happy with Red Bull

Red Bull's attempt to talk Hamilton into a major penalty with new evidence was not granted by the FIA, yet Verstappen is particularly pleased with his team's response.

"How Red Bull reacted after Silverstone and how everyone handled everything confirms to me that I'm really with the right team. They go through the fire for me and I got calls and messages from everyone. The warmth I feel in our team is something you won't see in another team soon, I think."

With this feeling in mind, Verstappen will be out for sporting revenge this weekend. A win and a lead in both championships is of course the best remedy.

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