Vettel agrees with Hamilton's punishment: 'Toughest punishment they could impose'

29-07-2021 17:45 | Updated: 30-07-2021 13:59
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Vettel agrees with Hamilton's punishment: 'Toughest punishment they could impose'

Even before the Hungarian Grand Prix the incident between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton at Silverstone is the most talked about subject at the moment. It is now known that the FIA will not change the punishment of Hamilton, who received a ten second penalty during the race.

Thus, the new evidence Red Bull brought was not enough to adjust the penalty. During the press conference, quoted by, German driver Sebastian Vettel said he finds it difficult to assign blame.

"I think that's a difficult question, there's always a mix. On the one hand you can argue no, on the other hand you can argue yes, so I think it's a question of the individual case."

Current penalty toughest they could give according to Vettel

At least that's what the former world champion and current Aston Martin driver thinks. "The race stewards did what they thought was right. In my opinion, the penalty they imposed is the toughest they could have imposed for it."

So, despite Red Bull's new evidence, the FIA agreed with this and are not going to increase Hamilton's penalty. This means that nothing will change about the current situation and both drivers can now focus fully on the race in Hungary.

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