Green light from Honda: Verstappen crash engine can still be used

28-07-2021 13:44 | Updated: 28-07-2021 15:43
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Green light from Honda: Verstappen crash engine can still be used

Following Max Verstappen's crash, which prevented him from finishing the Silverstone Grand Prix and allowing Lewis Hamilton to overtake him in the standings, Red Bull is going to ask the FIA for a review of the penalty Hamilton received. That was a 10-second penalty during the race.

After the race, it was already clear that Red Bull were not too happy with Hamilton's action. A bit later, when it became clear that Red Bull had new crash data, they started asking for a review of the penalty. This will happen on Thursday. To F1Insider Helmut Marko says that the result of this review can go either way.

"Anything is possible: that Hamilton's sentence is increased, mitigated or that he is even exonerated altogether. All we care about is that the new findings are taken into account. And that Max clearly sees that we are fully behind him."

Honda gives green light to use engine

Because there was, after Verstappen's crash, also some doubt about that. Honda has approved the engine, however, according to Marko, meaning it can be raced as normal this coming weekend and Red Bull will not have to take a grid penalty.

"Honda has now given the green light for the accident engine. It can continue to be used. That means now we don't have to worry about ever taking a grid penalty," Marko said. So on Thursday the review of the penalty and the press conferences, next weekend the first race since the incident.

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