"For Hamilton it was time to say: listen, mate, I'm not a coward"

26-07-2021 18:06 | Updated: 26-07-2021 22:55
by GPblog.com
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For Hamilton it was time to say: listen, mate, I'm not a coward

Lewis Hamilton was criticized a week ago for his collision with Max Verstappen. Both drivers collided hard with each other, after which the Dutchman had to end the race. Hamilton took the victory despite a time penalty.

However, the seven-time world champion also receives plenty of support alongside the criticism. Christian Danner for instance states in conversation with Motorsport.com Hamilton did the only right thing. "For Hamilton, it was time to say: 'Listen, mate, I'm not a coward'. And that's exactly what he did. And he did it the right way. Of course, there's always a 50/50 chance. If Lewis doesn't try, there's no accident. If Max doesn't crash into him, there's no accident either."

Hamilton received a ten second time penalty, which he was allowed to redeem during the tyre change. At Red Bull Racing they thought the penalty was far too low, but Danner understands the angle. "I think it was a very diplomatic ruling, the ten seconds. But at the end of the day, he made his point. In my opinion, he did the right thing."

GP of Hungary

This coming weekend the Hungarian Grand Prix is on the programme. Should Verstappen win the race, he will enter the summer break as leader in the championship.

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