Leaked: six test days to test 2022 car, first race in Bahrain

26-07-2021 06:23 | Updated: 26-07-2021 08:46
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Leaked: six test days to test 2022 car, first race in Bahrain

While the current season isn't even halfway over yet, the 2022 programme is already being worked on. Already a few details have been leaked regarding the start of the new season and the test days for next year.

This way there would be, according to Auto, Motor und SportNext year there will again be two test weeks. These will consist of three sessions/ days. In short: two weeks of testing, six days in total. These three extra days compared to this year are of course necessary to be able to test the new car, which will be used from 2022 on. The teams have insisted on this, according to the site.

Yet another difference is that these two weeks will be at different circuits according to AMuS. The test days will start with three days in Barcelona. This will be from 23 to 25 February. Then, also different from past years, there will be a two-week break. From March 11 to 13 the second round of testing will take place in Bahrain. In the meantime, teams will have time to analyse their data from the first test week, mainly for safety reasons and to give the teams extra time to work out the first problems with the new car.

Season opens 20 March

And that final test week will be in Bahrain is not so strange since the new season should start in Bahrain, just like this season. From March 20th the new season, with the new cars, would then be opened. However, a sports rulebook has to be changed for this, as article 8.5a of the regulations currently states that there should be at least ten days between the last test day and the start of the new season. This would not be the case with this setup.

There is also information about the second race of the season, which will take place a week after the Bahrain race. This will take place on 27 March at the new circuit of Saudi Arabia, which will be used for the first time at the end of 2021.

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